About SHCC
Profile of SHCC Graduates


Growing up in the Sacred Heart family, all SHCC graduates should have found a purpose in life and possess the following Sacred Heart spirit and qualities:


Open to growth and changes

  • Being able to understand and accept her talents and limitations
  • Being aware of and able to manage her emotions and pressure in face of changes and demands; being able to stay positive when meeting failures and difficulties
  • Having a sense of wonder and thereby being ready to explore, seek new experiences and risk failure
  • Being proactive, creative and resourceful; capable of suggesting ways to deal with new situations and challenges
  • Being capable of reflecting on experiences
  • Being receptive and respectful to the opinions of others


Sound in moral and religious values

  • Forming her conscience on true moral values and having good reasons for her decisions
  • Being courageous in upholding social justice and the principle of honesty
  • Being responsible for her behaviour with an understanding of the impact of her words and actions on others
  • Having some knowledge of and respect for religion and knowing the teaching of Jesus Christ
  • Being able to reflect on her experience of God’s love for her; realising the need for prayer and for growth in faith; having appreciation of the Eucharist and being familiar with the social teaching of the Church
  • Being aware of and able to acknowledge the need for spiritual growth


Charity and Love
Caring for others and embracing diversity

  • Being mindful of the needs, limitations and difficulties of others to better assist them
  • Showing respect while relating to others
  • Understanding the need for sacrifice in helping others
  • Understanding cultural differences and embracing diversity; accepting and appreciating people of different backgrounds and abilities


Simplicity and modesty in all deeds

  • Showing appreciation and being grateful for any opportunity, advice and support received
  • Serving others with modesty
  • Striving for excellence, achieving success, remaining humble
  • Cultivating good leadership skills and own leadership style
  • Putting herself into the positions of others before making judgments
  • Being ready to admit ones’ mistakes and willing to correct them


Turning challenges into success

  • Having clear goals and working towards them with continued effort and determination
  • Facing adversities with courage and patience to achieve success


Intellectual competence
Quest for lifelong learning

  • Skilful in speaking, reading and writing precisely and fluently in both Chinese and English
  • Being logical and critical in thinking; convincing in persuasion
  • Being able to see the connection between disciplines and apply cross-curricular knowledge
  • Making use of generic skills to continue lifelong learning and to apply knowledge to solve problems


Global citizenship
Understanding the world in which we live

  • Being eager to learn about the world
  • Being concerned about wider community issues, social and global problems
  • Being lawful citizens
  • Being able to look beyond the city and to address global concerns
  • Being able to respect the wise use of natural resources in a sustainable way
  • Being ready to contribute to the community, society and the world