About SHCC
School Development and Advisory Committee


The School Development and Advisory Committee (SDAC) gives advice on the planning, monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the school policies that are implemented to achieve the school major concerns specified in the school development plan.  Starting from 2008, elected teacher members and student representatives are included in the SDAC to ensure both teachers' and students’ voices are fully expressed in the planning and evaluation process of school policies for improvement.


Members of School Development and Advisory Committee (SDAC):-

  1. 2 elected senior teacher representatives

  2. 4 elected basic rank / new teacher (in school within 3 yrs) representatives

  3. 2 appointed senior teacher representatives

  4. Head Girl (S6)

  5. Head Prefect

  6. President of Student Council

  7. Elected student representative (S5)

  8. Principal and Assistant Principal as ex officio members.