Entrepreneurship Education

The economic landscape and the way people work and live have been transforming drastically in view of globalisation and technological advancement. Fostering entrepreneurial spirit has become an essential part of the school curriculum to help our students navigate through these challenges and enhance their competitiveness.



Sacred Heart Enterprise Challenge


The “Sacred Heart Enterprise Challenge” (S.H.E. Challenge) is a school-based entrepreneurship programme that aims to provide S3 students with an authentic business experience through the start-up, operation and liquidation of their class-based company. Under the guidance of S4 and S5 student mentors, the S3 classes come up with their own products to sell at the school fun fair for raising funds for charity organisations in Hong Kong. The learning experience empowers students with entrepreneurial skills, confidence to explore and embrace challenges ahead for their whole-person development, and strengthens the idea of social responsibility in business development.





JA Company Programme


The JA Company Programme (JACP), organised by the Junior Achievement Hong Kong, provides senior students with an opportunity to establish and operate a business as they would in the real world. The JACP journey helps students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and 21st-century skills, including goal setting, creative problem-solving, teamwork, communication and digital marketing.




External Competitions


Besides learning how to run a successful business, students are encouraged to take the initiative to solve problems as responsible members of the local and global communities. Through taking part in various external competitions on business and social innovation, students acquire a deeper understanding of business operation and are inspired to formulate creative solutions to tackle real-world problems. The experiences also empower them to uphold perseverance in times of uncertainty whilst exploring opportunities ahead.