Gifted Education

One of our school’s missions is to identify the gifts and talents of our students and provide them opportunities to empower them to be women of integrity and versatility with global awareness and help them realize their talents in serving others and the community at large.  In view of this, the Ambassador of Learning and Gifted Education Team was set up in 2004.


The team aims to identify multiple intelligences of our students by using different tools of identification and nurture their gifts and talents by providing them extensive learning opportunities inside and beyond the classroom. Our school adopts the “Three-Tier Implementation Model” suggested by the Education Bureau to plan and implement our School-based Gifted Education Policy.


Ambassadors of Learning, our school high achievers, are selected through nomination by teachers, parents, peers and students. They are eligible for different types of enrichment provisions. There are totally 8 domains of nurturance: Languages, STEM, Humanities, Leadership, Aesthetics, Sports, Creativity and Global Awareness. Our school not only provides sequential and multiple educational activities to gifted students at different levels, but also nominates them to participate in different competitions and join pull-out programmes and courses organised by EDB, HKAGE, local, and overseas universities to excel in their talented areas.


Ambassadors of Learning



Domains of Nurturance:


1. Languages (English, Chinese Putonghua & Third Language)



Toastmasters International Youth Leadership Programme


Theatre Trip to Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors


National Chinese Creative Writing Competition 文集《尋三國》





Jockey Club “Giftedness into Flourishing Talent” Project


Maker Faire Hong Kong - 3D Food Printing


STEM Tour to Kumamoto, Japan HKDI Taster Programme



3. Humanities


Ocean Park Learning Camp


Social Innovation Programme



Consulate General of Ireland’s Student

Ambassador Scheme



4. Leadership


Global Young Leaders Conference HKFYG Leaders to Leaders


Leadership Training Camp




5. Aesthetics



Visual Arts






6. Sports



Track & Field

Kin-ball Workshop




7. Creativity


Design Thinking Workshop


Sanitizing Robot


Design Thinking Workshop

Wooden Crafts



8. Global Awareness


Global Awareness Week




9. Global Exposure and Competitions


UC Berkeley University of Toronto Stanford University


National University of Singapore The 32nd HKSAR Outstanding Student Selection


Youth Conference: Fight For Girls Justice Harvard Book Prize HKU Academy for the Talented