Green Education


Our aims are to raise students’ awareness towards environmental protection, create a student force working and speaking for the environment and liaise with different parties of the school to carry out environmental protection strategies with joint effort.



Recycling and energy saving facilities at the school campus


Recycling bins for paper, cans and plastics are installed on each floor



Solar Panel on rooftop of the teaching block



Energy recycling bicycles



Green practices and activities


Green prefects of each class are trained to promote green practices in the classroom and students are reminded to recycle, reuse and replace in school activities like Club Promotion Day, school picnic, Christmas Party and so on. Programmes such as Low Carbon week, talks, visits, drama, workshops are held to raise students’ awareness towards environmental protection.



Organic Farm




Low Carbon Week




Interactive drama




Exhibitions at school campus




Coastal Watch – Sea without litter programme (WWF)




Coastal Clean up