Student Support
Special Educational Needs


Our school aims to address the learning needs of all students and cater for learner diversity. We adopt the ‘Whole School Approach to Integrated Education’ for students with special educational needs (SEN) and commit to providing specific measures for these students to enhance their learning and personal development.


We encourage and give support to our staff to participate in the training courses organised by the Education Bureau for improving their professional knowledge in integrated education. The school SEN Support Team is established with the SEN Coordinator and teacher members under the supervision of the Principal for formulating SEN policies and incorporating such policies into the School Development Plan. The team also collaborates with the Educational Psychologist, Social Worker, Counselling Team, Discipline Team and Homeroom Teachers concerned to provide individual teaching approaches and peer support for students with SEN.


Tutorials to ease pressure from study and various training courses to strengthen interpersonal skills and mental health management are organised with the Learning Support Grant. Other programmes are organised for all students to respect individual differences and promote a caring school ethos. Early identification for specific learning difficulties is conducted for S1 students in collaboration with the Chinese Department to identify and give prompt measures to potential students. The SEN Support Team conducts evaluation meetings with parents to review the effectiveness of education plans of students with SEN and strengthen family-school cooperation to develop their talents and overcome any shortcomings.


For any unreported cases or changes of conditions, please download the Declaration Form, complete and return it to the school office in person. The school personnel will contact you upon receiving the form. All information collected will be used for providing assistance for students with special educational needs only.


Download: Special Educational Needs Declaration Form