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Values Education

Our school aims to build a value-driven and joyful community with positive outlook through a whole school approach. There is a comprehensive and systematic implementation of integrated values education in the Sacred Heart community, involving different parties and at different levels so as to ensure a balanced coverage of the core values of the school in formal, informal and hidden curriculums. We collaborate with the Positive Education Laboratory of the City University of Hong Kong to design a school-based positive education curriculum on character strengths and PERMA for junior secondary students and a series of activities for all students. We hope to nurture our students to face challenges with hope, cope stress with renewed enthusiasm, serve with gratitude, explore the purpose of life, make value-driven decisions and take up active role in promoting positive education. Staff development programs have been conducted to empower all staff to build up a positive atmosphere of the school through learning and teaching, various activities and their relationship with one another, in particular with students. Core values of the school are introduced, and workshops are provided to empower parents to build up a positive culture in the family. We work together to build up a sustainable, supportive and energizing environment for members of the Sacred Heart community.



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