Invitation to Written Quotations and Tenders


Please call the School Office at 2550-6111 to obtain a reference number before submission of tenders or written quotations. Tenders or written quotations without a specific reference number will not be entertained.
請 貴公司於投標前致電本校 2550-6111 索取招標編碼,否則恕不受理。


Written Quotations / Tender Notices


Reference Number Description Closing Date
2023-XXX- 校園建築物及設施的保養服務(兩年)  16 Dec 2022 1pm
2023-XXX- Two-Year Maintenance Service For Two Lifts  16 Dec 2022 1pm
2023-XXX- Multifunction Printer  16 Dec 2022 1pm
2023-XXX- Hall Lighting System 19 Dec 2022 1pm
2023-XXX- 水耕種植系統中草藥香草種植區及植物牆 5 Dec 2022 1pm
2023-XXX- 27 Nov 2022 1pm
2023-XXX- Laptop 27 Nov 2022 1pm