Forum on Election of Student Council Executive Council & Prefects Board



The annual Forum on Election of Student Council Executive Council and Prefects Board was held on 13th September 2022. 


The three candidates running for the Head Prefect gave their personal thoughts and opinions on school matters and what they want to achieve by becoming Head Prefect. Each candidate confidently responded to questions raised by teachers and students on school and disciplinary issues. All of them asserted that they want the school to be an orderly and safe place for students. At the same time, they also stated that it must be a place of joy where students feel happy and enjoy their learning.


The two proposed Student Council cabinets, Ilaria and Euphoria presented their year plans after Hiraeth, the Student Council 2021-2022 gave a report on their work and recommendations for the cabinet this year. Ilaria aims to create a positive learning atmosphere and wants to ensure that communication is effective and efficient. Euphoria aims to help their schoolmates socially, mentally and emotionally. The two proposed cabinets suggested a variety of activities to excite all students and cater for the needs of students of each level.


The results of election for Student Council Executive Council and Head Prefect will be announced on 19th September 2022 at the Installation of Student Leaders in Office ceremony.