School Reopening Mass 2022-2023

Vicar General Rev. Paul Kam expounded on the profundity of adverse circumstances at our School’s Reopening Mass. Rev Paul assures us that there is joy and growth in the hurdles. 


The Mass took place on the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. Hence, Rev Paul spoke of the Seven Sorrows and Seven Joys Mary underwent as she accepted her calling to be the mother of Jesus. In this regard, he shared with the audience the Cambodian term of obedience. In Cambodian, ‘obedience’ is about listening and following, as much as respecting. Rev Paul made use of his insights into obedience to inspire the congregation to respect, listen and put what is learnt into action.


In the Liturgy, students offered their goals and thoughts folded in a heart-shaped paper. In the intercession, we learnt to pray for peace in different parts of the world, for our country, our city, our families, our School, our teachers and students. Towards the conclusion of the Reopening Mass, Sr Veronica led all the teachers and students to assert that we would follow in the footsteps of St Magdalene of Canossa, our Foundress, to love and to serve selflessly, and to live up to the School Theme – Learning with Commitment, Serving with Gratitude.