Installation of Student Leaders in Office 2022-2023

Sr Agnes Law, our School Supervisor, Sr Veronica Fok, our School Principal, Miss Irene Yung, Mr David Hung and Miss Chan Yuk Lin, our Assistant Principals officiated at the Installation of Student Leaders in Office on 19 September 2022.


The first student leaders receiving their badges on stage were the Head Girl Core Group. The Group is responsible for reviewing school innovations and making constructive suggestions to contribute to the continuous improvement of our school. The members are nominated by students and teachers, before going through an interview. Ultimately, Trifina Yam, Stephanie Kao, Natalie Chew and Margarita Lai became the Head Girl Core Group members. Among them, Trifina Yam is selected as our Head Girl this year.


The second group of student leaders was the Prefects Board, responsible for maintaining code of conduct. The group is led by Head Prefects. This year, our Head Prefect is Hailey Chow and the Deputy Head Prefects are Janice Chan and Hayley Lam. Sr Veronica, Miss Chan Yuk Lin and Mr Anthony Mo presented the badges to the Head Prefect and the Deputies respectively.


After an earlier forum in which two proposed Student Council cabinets presented each of their year plans and challenged each other’s plans, EUPHORIA eventually obtained more support. The elected Student Council, EUPHORIA received the badges from Sr Veronica, Mr David Hung, and their advisers, Ms Laura Lai, Miss Hilary Chan and Mr Thomas Hung. The elected Council President is Vanesse O from S5.


After the Student Council, the House Captains and Deputy House Captains received their badges and house flags from the House Advisers. Student leaders of Guidance Sisters, Careers Assistants, Librarians, IT Prefects, Green Torch, Ambassadors of Learning, and Community Service Ambassadors also received their badges from the Assistant Principals and their teacher advisers.


The last part of the ceremony was marked by the Head Girl’s maiden speech. Triffin Yam gave a motivational speech related to the school theme. Her address to the students chiefly stressed the importance of seizing opportunities to enrich our knowledge and to broaden our horizons. At the same time, we shall embrace our shortcomings by never losing faith in ourselves, so that we can learn to serve with the true Sacred Heart spirit.