Swimming Gala 2022-2023

Our Swimming Gala was successfully held in the Victoria Park Swimming Pool on 4 November 2022.


At the opening ceremony, Sr Agnes led the prayer and announced the official opening of the Swimming Gala. Throughout the competitions, the six houses gave roaring cheers to support their members.


After rounds of fierce competitions, we are delighted to find the best swimmers in our school: Wong Po Yin Chloe, Chan Yin Yan Venus and Tang Cheuk Wing Elke were crowned individual champions of A, B, and C Grades respectively. House of Curie won both the title of A and B Grades House Championship. House of Teresa was the House Champion in C Grade. Congratulations to Curie and Teresa!  As if icing on the cake, House of Curie, which took down the top position of A and B Grades, turned out to be the House Overall Champion of the year as well.


Wong Po Yin Chloe, the individual champion of A Grade, performed exceptionally well in the competitions. She broke the school record of A Grade 100m breaststroke, 50m freestyle and open grade 100m freestyle.


At the prize-giving ceremony, Miss Tang Yi Ching, Hong Kong Women’s High Jumper and artist at TVB, ViuTV and RTHK, addressed the crowd.  Miss Tang encouraged us to explore the frontier before it is too late. She shared her experiences of taking different paths from her peers, which improved her audacity to face challenges. She also told us to seize the opportunity at hand and enjoy life in school.


The Swimming Gala would not have been such a fulfilling event without the concerted effort of the PE Department, Sports Society, the six houses, advisers of uniform groups, student and teacher officials and commitment of our swimmers and their coaches.