S2 Project-based Learning Workshops (S2 Activities Days)

Students participated in various projects through different workshops during the three days. Some learned to revitalise historic buildings in Hong Kong using Design Thinking. They were stimulated to think from the perspective of different parties, including architects, historians and visitors when solving problems in the project. They produced videos, models and posters to illustrate their creative ideas and these will be shared with their fellow schoolmates and visitors at the Fun Fair in March.


Other S2 students were involved in three STEM-related projects which were made possible with the support of the IT Innovation Lab Funding granted by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO). The projects reached their final stage during S2 Activities Days.


In the Swift and XCode Programming and AR Application Workshop, students had the opportunity to learn about the MacOS programming language Swift and XCode. They created various AR objects and scenes, and ultimately developed an application for mobile devices.


Students working on the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) project learned about the various types and methods of machine learning during the workshop. Through different activities, they acquired a better understanding of facial recognition and computer vision. They used SenseStorm AI Robot to build A.I. machines such as a robotic arm and smart car.


Students working on the project related to the Internet of Things (IoT) were given the chance to learn more about the basic knowledge of Internet of Things (IoT) through hands-on experience. They built a mini observatory that could measure the temperature and humidity of a room, a treasure box and a smart door that could be remotely controlled by a mobile device. Students working on the STEM-related projects will also be presenting their work at our Fun Fair in March.