Heartslift 2.0 – Voluntary Music Service Project

The Music Society successfully organised ‘Heartslift 2.0’, a voluntary music service project with the support of the Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association Social Service Centre in March.  This project included four sessions of simple music theory and ukulele group lessons, and it concluded with a concert performance. 


The service targets of Heartslift 2.0 were primary school students in the Southern District who did not have any chance to learn and perform music in front of the public.  Volunteers were members of different music teams who hoped to share their joy of making music with people in the community and arouse children’s interests in music. As these children explored their potential in music, their confidence was boosted as well.


To mark the end of the project, the ‘Care & Concern Concert’ was held on 19 March 2023 with the support of the School Care Subsidy Scheme from the Music Office of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Together with our volunteers, participants of Heartslift 2.0 performed the piece ‘Try Everything’ confidently with ukuleles after completing the four lessons.  The concert also featured phenomenal performances by members of our music teams: the Chinese Orchestra, instrumental solo by Kelly Hung (Guzheng), Chelsey Cheung (Double Bass) and Queenie Kong (Flute); the String Quartet; and the A Cappella by the Senior Choir. The astonishing encore ukulele performance by the project participants brought a cheerful close to the project.


The Music Society expressed their heartfelt gratitude to:


  Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association Social Service Centre - Programme co-organiser;

  LCSD Music Office ‘School Care Subsidy Scheme’ and the sponsor, SinoGroup;

  Sr Veronica Fok, School Principal;

  Miss Renie Sinn, Teacher Adviser;

  all volunteers, performers, helpers and audience of Heartslift 2.0 Music Service Project.