Plan International Hong Kong Youth Conference

Four of our school’s Ambassadors of Learning (AoLs), Sandy Liu, Zinnia Lo, Rachel Shieh and Sunnie Wong of S5C, received the Championship in the Youth Conference co-organised by Plan International Hong Kong and City University of Hong Kong named ‘Fight for Girl’s Justice’ in September 2018. The subject discussed in this year’s conference was gender violence against girls in Ecuador. In preparing for their groups’ presentation, our AoLs conducted research and attended a UNESCO talk to enrich their knowledge of the inequality of gender, human rights and duty of a global citizen. At the conference, they role-played different stakeholders, like the victim, the victim's family, the government and also the non-governmental organisation in Ecuador. As the future pillars of the world, the participants pledged to inspire more young people to speak up for the freedom of girls in oppressed countries, advocating the end of violence and the rights to receive education. The conference allowed local youngsters to realise the importance of equipping girls in impoverished countries with skills and support they need, so that they could become a powerful force for changes in their communities.