A Statement Concerning a Recent Incident
09 Jul, 2019

The School noted that a photo with inappropriate language was being reproduced in the personal account of a social networking site of one of our teachers, who teaches, inter alia, liberal studies. This incident has since raised public concerns and controversies and has also become a matter of grave concern to the School.

Upon learning about this incident, the School immediately contacted the teacher concerned and made inquiries. He was contrite for his behavior and for causing anxiety among the public. The School was also given to understand that he had since posted a public apology statement on the same social networking site on 5 July 2019, followed by an announcement on resignations from his posts with the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority and the Hong Kong Liberal Studies Teachers' Association on 7 July 2019 to dispel public concerns.

As an education institution, the School always maintains its impartial and neutral stance on all social issues. Whilst the School respects the different views of our students, teachers, parents and alumnae on various social issues and respects their rights to express their personal opinions, the School also reminds our students and teachers the importance to understand different issues with an objective and rational mind from multiple perspectives and to analyse them with a critical mind. The School places great importance to the above value at all times in the students’ learning process as much as the teachers’ teaching process.

With the love of Jesus Christ as the School’s fundamental teaching philosophy, the School sincerely hopes that our students and teachers express their concerns about the society and all social issues with love and respect, communicate with others with a rational and objective mind, and be ready to embrace diverse opinions in an everchanging world. On the other hand, the School strongly disagrees with the behavior of the teacher concerned who presented his personal opinion in extreme language as his impulsive act went directly against the School’s long-established teaching philosophy. It also regretfully brings negative impact on educating the young generations. The School expresses its deepest solicitudes to all those being affected by this incident.

With regard to this regretful incident, the School issued a letter to all parents on 6 July 2019 to clarify the School’s stance. In addition, we have also invited different stakeholders in the School to share their views on this incident. The Incorporated Management Committee of the School will also follow up on this matter with solemnity.