Bridging Course 2018-19

Shortly after the S1 Registration Day, our Summer Bridging Course began. Within a short period of 10 days, S1 students were able to get a glimpse of what’s in line for their future six years at Sacred Heart. The course aimed at allowing our newcomers to adapt to the new environment, get used to an English medium school and most importantly, gain new insights while having fun during the summer.


Lessons including Mathematics, Science, Life and Society gave students a taste of their upcoming S1 curriculum. Meanwhile, teachers of English led students to immerse into an English-speaking milieu. Beyond the classroom, they had a great time in PE, Dance, and Drama lessons, as well as expressed their artistic talents in Music and Art lessons. To introduce all students to the rich history of Sacred Heart Canossian College, tutors took them on a school heritage tour during their school history lessons.


After 9 days of lessons, the inter-class drama performance marked an end to the entire course. Students brought out their wildest creativity in rewriting the ending to the Greek Mythology - A Little Errand Girl’s New Dress. Not only did they direct a full six-minute drama by themselves, but they also worked together seamlessly with their classmates in bringing the story to life. The drama was not only an occasion for learning but also helped students build bonds with others.


We hope our S1 students will seize every opportunity to learn and to live life to the fullest.