School Reopening Ceremony 2022-2023

Sr Veronica marked the commencement of the academic year with a warm welcome to all the students and teachers in the classrooms and the College Hall. 


The Principal invited the new teachers to introduce themselves to everyone before moving on to the School Theme ‘Learning with Commitment; Serving with Gratitude’. It was followed by the presentation of Scholarship for Best Performance in HKDSE to Noel Cheung of 6F, 2021-2022. 


The Head Girl Core Group presented the new Student Companion to all teachers and students. The theme of this year is ‘Discovering and Empowering Yourself’. The cover design illustrates a Sacred Heartist’s journey of exploration. It features a Sacred Heartist looking back at the pathway she has gone through. The steep staircase and bridge represent challenges. The hanging castle in the middle symbolises the knowledge she acquired and the lessons learnt. Having reminisced about her past learning journey, the Sacred Heartist is ready to set off on a new adventure.


The Student Companion is more than a planner. It is a companion for students on their journey of growth. This year, six character strengths are included - curiosity, love, zest, teamwork, prudence and appreciation of beauty and excellence. Each month features the experience of an alumna who demonstrates a particular character strength. Through learning from the alumnae and gaining insights from them, the Head Girl Core Group believes that Sacred Heartists can probe deeper into the six character strengths. To help develop these strengths and reflect on the progress, there are To-Do Lists and mini games throughout the twelve months in the publication. Students could find out more ways to develop the character strengths by scanning the QR codes provided.


After necessary reminders to start the new school year, the School Reopening Ceremony drew to a close with the School Song sung in unison.