Christmas Celebration 2022-2023

This year’s Christmas Celebration was held in the Auditorium (S1 and S2) and the College Hall (S3 to S6). It began with an enlightening religious celebration programme conducted by the Catholic Formation Team. The video about Papa Panov expressed the importance of kindness and helping others. Following that, Sr Heidi, Hayley Lam and Stephanie Wong shared their experiences of community service.


On this occasion, prizes of the Inter-House Cheering Song Writing Competition were presented to the winners. Well done to House of Curie, Teresa, Bronte and Nightingale for their musical arrangements, and to House of Teresa for their team spirit.


The next programme was run by the Student Council. They wanted to encourage teamwork and foster student-teacher interaction with interactive games such as having teams from different classes to copy poses in interesting group photos and to guess words from pictures drawn by their classmates.


Sr Veronica and Mr David Hung proceeded to hand out the Christmas gifts to each of S3 to S6 classes when Miss Irene Yung and Miss Chan Yuk Lin gave out the same presents to S1 and S2 classes. Then the teachers went on stage and sang a Christmas carol to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.


After the Christmas programme, teacher adjudicators visited different classes for Christmas board designs and class presentations. Each class was having a joyous time of games and food –  for the first time since the pandemic began!


The celebration came to an end with a dodgeball competition where students and teachers formed teams for some physical exercise in a competitive but friendly atmosphere.