SHCC Fun Fair 2023

SHCC Fun Fair 2023 — To Infinity and Beyond, was successfully held on 3 and 4 March 2023. All teachers, student bodies and non-teaching staff devoted tremendous effort into organising a variety of booths and programmes for the remarkable occasion. Our schoolmates have certainly gained valuable experiences from holding this large-scale event whilst enjoying the festive atmosphere.


Game and workshop booths were grouped into seven themes — versatility, integrity, charity and love, humility, perseverance, intellectual competence and global citizenship — the seven qualities of Sacred Heart graduates. Visitors had fun taking part in these events on the school campus and gained a better understanding about the seven qualities.


It was our great pleasure to have KARA HK and Passion Music Ministry, our guest performers who gave charismatic performances which added flare and excitement to the enthusiastic crowd. Performing on stage were also dancers from the six houses. They gave a powerful impression to the audience, transferring their energy to the cheering crowd.


Adding on to the cultural element of the Fun Fair were performances by the Drama Club and our S1 schoolmates. In their drama performance, the Drama Club brought out the importance of opportunity costs in the decisions we make, while our S1 schoolmates made use of their puppet shows to showcase the skills they learnt in Drama lessons through structuring a story with English language art techniques and creativity.


Another highlight of the Fun Fair was the Project-based learning project presentations by our S2 students. The presentations gave them an opportunity to present their work on revitalisation and STEM projects related to the development of our society and technology. It was a valuable chance for them to introduce their work to various audiences.


With S1 Puppet Show and S2 PBL presentations, our S3 young entrepreneurs also made use of the occasion to raise funds through Sacred Heart Enterprise Challenge. The six S3 classes worked with the Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Team to organise product sales on both days of the Fun Fair, raising funds for the charities they supported. This meaningful project nurtured their entrepreneurial skills such as product design, marketing, finance and management, while utilising their talents to offer a helping hand to the needy in society.


To all visitors and guests, thank you for participating in our Fun Fair — To Infinity and Beyond. It is the Student Council's greatest honour to welcome you and introduce to you our student bodies and talented schoolmates through the Fun Fair. We hope that our efforts in organising this event under all the uncertainties in the pandemic would find a fruitful end.


In particular, we would like to show our sincere gratitude to the Parent Teacher Association and the Alumnae Association for extending their kind sponsorship this year and actively participating in the funfair activities. In addition, we would like to express our grateful  appreciation to JaneClare for sponsoring the lucky draw prizes. Ms Angela Lee, the founder of JaneClare, is an alumna of SHCC. Her generous sponsorship truly embodies the Sacred Heart spirit of giving back to the alma mater.


On behalf of all the student bodies and teams involved in the Fun Fair, we hope that all visitors and guests would find SHCC Fun Fair 2023 a memorable event. Sacred Heartists will continue our journey of developing and living up to the seven qualities of Sacred Heart graduates. We will carry the Sacred Heart spirit To Infinity and Beyond.




SHCC Student Council 2022-2023