Speech Festival 2022-2023

During the post-exam week, we were treated to a series of vivacious performances in which eloquent speakers presented their winning pieces on stage.


In the English performances, 1F representatives brought to life a theatrical version of a Greek myth with their sophisticated oratory skills and teamwork. S2 classes took turns to tell us their insights into the most important person who makes an impact on their lives. It involved proficiency, critical thinking, storytelling and public speaking skills. After winners of the inter-class competitions had showcased their talents, there was a selection of performances from winners at the 74th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival. There were solo verse speaking on ‘A World of Books’, a Shakespearean monologue of Miranda’s monologue in The Tempest and Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.


In the Chinese performances, there was a dramatisation of an episode from Romances of the Three Kingdoms and two role plays set in Block 41 of Shek Kip Mei housing estate about the livelihood of the residents in the 1950s. To deepen the students’ understanding of the history of Pokfulam Village and Hollywood Road, two S3 groups produced their guided tour videos that gave an account about the past and present of local landmarks.


The post-exam programme offered a chance to celebrate our students’ sensitivity to language, imagination and awareness of English and Chinese culture, as well as local housing developments.