Forum on Election of Student Leaders 2023-2024

The annual Forum on Election of Student Council Executive Council and Prefects Board was held on 12th September 2023.


Three candidates, Tam Chi Yan Sylvia (5A), Lo Hoi Tung (5C) and Wong Hui Wai (5F) ran for the Head Prefect position. They began by giving their introductory speeches on school matters and what they want to achieve by becoming Head Prefect. After introducing themselves, each candidate performed well during the question-answer session on school and disciplinary issues. All of them asserted that they want the school to be an orderly yet positive place for students. They finished by giving their concluding speeches.


Following on, Euphoria, the Student Council 2022-2023, gave a report on their year in reign, showing pictures of the ten events that were held while offering suggestions of how the proposed cabinet can improve this year.


Alora, the proposed Student Council cabinet in 2023-2024 presented their exciting plans for the year. Alora aims to create opportunities to blend a supportive, comprehensive and harmonious school life as well as encourage students to extend their social circle and help them learn beyond the classroom.


The Election for Student Council Executive Council and Head Prefect will take place on 12th September. The new Student Council cabinet and Head Prefect will present themselves to the whole school on 15th September 2022 at the Installation of Student Leaders in Office ceremony.