Dress Casual Day 2023-2024

Organised by the Student Council, the Dress Casual Day was held on 15 November 2023. With the theme ‘Embrace the Differences; Unleash your Uniqueness’, the event aimed to promote a sense of inclusivity and compassion among Sacred Heartists. Generous donors who had donated $40 or above were presented with a memo pad and a card designed by the Student Council. The chosen symbolic seashell design served as a reminder that our imperfections and uniqueness should be embraced and celebrated. The funds raised were donated to the Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth, an organisation dedicated to helping disabled individuals integrate, participate and contribute to society.


Added to the Dress Casual Day was an event called ‘I am who I am’ held during lunch time. A memo wall was set up for students to share their thoughts on self-acceptance and embracing their uniqueness. The day concluded with students gathering in the playground to take photos after school. Laughter filled the air as groups posed together, capturing memories of this special occasion.