Sacred Heart Champion Tram


With their intelligence and creativity, our young ones brought pride to Sacred Heartists of different generations with their Sacred Heart Champion Tram.


Four students from S4 entered the ‘BuilDING OUR FUTURE GRAND CHALLENGE’ with their proposal on a smart system to provide information on the next trams and seat availability for passengers to plan their rides, and it was selected as the champion proposal in the Chinese Division.


As a special privilege offered to the champion by tramplus, the organiser of the competition, a 4-week Tram Body Advertisement was launched on 1 March 2024. The champion tram, designed by our school artists and tramplus, has been running in various districts on Hong Kong Island since the launching day. 


Four champion tram rides were organised on March 4 and 9 for students and alumnae to share the joy of the four outstanding students. The team made a presentation of their champion proposal and played games related to tram history with the passengers, as the Sacred Heart Champion Tram travelled between Whitty Street Tram Depot and Causeway Bay Terminus. 


The Sacred Heart Champion Tram carried more than the talents and achievements of our students. It brought together Sacred Heartists of generations from different decades, sharing fond memories of the days at their alma mater and feeling happy about how the young ones helped bring the Sacred Heart family together with the fruit of their learning.


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