SHCC Fun Fair 2024 — Bon Voyage

SHCC Fun Fair 2024 — Bon Voyage — was successfully held on 8 and 9 March 2024, contributing a donation for the S4 Extended Learning Week. Over the past few months, all teachers, student bodies, and non-teaching staff have made tireless contributions and efforts in organising booths and programmes for this event. Students were able to gain valuable hands-on experience through designing and running various booths, and celebrated their achievements throughout the event.


Game and workshop booths, held by different clubs and societies, were based on four themes: discovery, courage, excitement and experience — the qualities and outcomes one would have while on a journey or adventure. Visitors had fun taking part in these activities, while enjoying a range of snacks and drinks provided by external food suppliers, the Parent Teacher Association, the Student Council and our clubs and societies.


We were delighted to have Mr Jackson Chan as our guest performer, whose captivating performance ignited the crowd. The Music Society treated us to musical performances by the school choir, string orchestra, and string quartet, while dancers from our six houses gave a performance filled with energy and passion to an enthusiastic audience.


The Drama Club and our S1 schoolmates also showcased their creativity and confidence through their performances. The Drama Club performed “Fly Us to the Earth”, following an exciting story set in outer space, while our S1 schoolmates performed puppet shows, with self-written scripts adapted from famous fairy tales.


Another highlight of the Fun Fair was the Sacred Heart Enterprise Challenge, organised by the Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Team, in which our S3 schoolmates tried out their entrepreneurial skills. With the help of their mentors in senior forms, each of the six S3 classes designed their own products and held product sales during the Fun Fair, raising funds for the social enterprises they supported. Through this project, they were able to develop various skills, not to mention proving themselves with their collective teamwork and unique designs.


To all visitors and guests, thank you for participating in our Fun Fair — Bon Voyage. It is the Student Council’s pleasure to welcome you to Sacred Heart, and to showcase the talents, achievements and diverse interests of our students during this joyful occasion. Your presence added to the excitement and success of the event, and we are truly grateful for your support.


We would especially like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Parent Teacher Association and the Alumnae Association for their invaluable support and generous sponsorship, which have played a key role in the success of the Fun Fair. 


On behalf of all student bodies and teams involved in the Fun Fair, we hope that all visitors and guests had a wonderful time at SHCC Fun Fair 2024. We, as Sacred Heartists, will continue to discover new horizons and embrace the journey, on the voyage towards our aspirations.



SHCC Student Council 2023-2024