S1 Growth Program: Friendship Go First OLE Friday Activity

The Counselling Team organised the ‘Friendship Go First OLE Friday Activity’ for S1 students to enhance their mutual respect and support in peer relationships and to promote positive virtues such as embracing differences and empathy in relationship building.


All S1 participants took part in several mass games in the college hall with the faciliation of their homeroom teachers and partners. They were asked to show their preferences and shared their views in the game ‘My Choice’. They cooperated with each other to keep the balloon from falling onto the floor in the game ‘No Ball Shall Fall’. All groups came up with their wise ideas to make things happen. In the game ‘Hashtag Me’, they moved around in the hall to give stickers to their friends according to the impression they had of those friends.


In the game debriefing and reflection sessions, students expressed that they had learnt the importance of embracing differences as everyone is unique. They also learnt to respect others' boundaries as well as those of their own. Besides, they realised that words can encourage or discourage others so they became better aware of protecting the feelings of their own and those of others through a wise choice of words in daily interaction.