The World Scholar’s Cup

The World Scholar’s Cup is an eye-opening event aiming at gathering elite students from  international and local schools to engage in an array of academic activities such as debating and essay writing to brush up their skills and awareness of world topics.


On March 23 and 24, six S4 students—Vivian Chan, Natalia Chan, Charlotte Chang, Hoi Lam Fong, Cindy Ho, and Nicole Wai—participated in the World Scholar's Cup competition. The first day involved three debates with scholars on the fascinating topics of art, music and history. This was followed by the Collaborative Essay Writing in the afternoon to further develop their ideas. The day concluded with the Scholars Challenge, which was an MC quiz that tested their knowledge of arts, literature, history, science, and social sciences.


The second day featured the Scholars Bowl, where participants had to discuss and select the correct answers within a limited time frame in an MC quiz. Following that, a talent show was held to showcase the scholar’s talent and skills in music and art, finishing off with the highly anticipated closing ceremony.


Over the course of these two days, there was no doubt that the debating skills of the six Sacred Heartists had significantly improved, and they had also refined their writing techniques through weeks of intensive training for the event. Their critical thinking skills and effective teamwork had also been greatly enhanced through this experience.


The six students performed exceedingly well, earning a total of 33 gold and silver medals. Natalia Chan, Vivian Chan, and Hoi Lam Fong were awarded a trophy for being the second runner-up in the Senior Team Collaborative Writing. Charlotte Chang was named the second-runner up in the Team Debate and was invited to demonstrate her outstanding debating skills in the Debate Showcase. As finalists, all of the six will compete in the Global Round in Seoul over the summer holidays, and are looking forward to expanding their horizons through this meaningful event.