Installation of Student Leaders in Office

We began the day with a special prayer as we celebrated The Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. As Sacred Heartists, we were reminded to follow Mary’s good example to have faith in God especially in times of sorrow.


This year we witnessed the installation of student leaders in office via video broadcast online. We started with the Head Girl Core Group which contributes to the continuous improvement and betterment of our school. The members of the Head Girl Core Group headed by Nicole Wong were introduced. Next was the introduction of Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefects, followed by Eunoia, our elected Student Council president, vice-president and heads of boards. After that, we had the introduction of House Captains and Deputy House Captains from the six houses.


The highlight of the event was the maiden speech delivered by our Head Girl, Nicole Wong which marked the commencement of academic year. Inspired by the school theme this year –‘Celebrating the past with gratitude, Embracing the future with hope, Sharing our life in love’, the newly appointed Head Girl invited us to be more accustomed to the unexpected and overcome adversities with faith and endurance. To face the pandemic, students also needed to be more proactive by seeking diverse opportunities to unleash their potentials and be responsive to the needs of others in the community.


In the end, Sr Veronica reminded us that learning could actually take place everywhere. She encouraged us to live up to the school theme this year by treasuring what we have and sharing our life in love.