School Reopening Ceremony 2018-19

On 3 September, we marked the beginning of the academic year with a warm welcome to our new faces, teachers and S1 students. Apart from that, we witnessed the presentation of Miss Tak-lun Wong Memorial Scholarship for Music to Flora Yeung, the first recipient of the award in recognition of her pursuit of professional music training at a degree-awarding institution. Sr Veronica, the Principal, introduced the school theme, Celebrating the Past with Gratitude Embracing the Future with Hope Sharing our Life in Love with reference to the past endeavours of Canossian sisters who made it possible to establish a school in less than a month after their arrival in Hong Kong in 1860. In 2020, our College will celebrate her 160th years of establishment. With gratitude for the missionary’s effort, we are reminded of embracing the future with hope and sharing life with love. Miss Florence Kwok, our Vice-principal, further introduced the SHCC graduates profile on expected qualities: versatility, integrity, charity, humility, modesty, perseverance and awareness of global citizenship. Each year, our Head Girl Core Team is responsible for design of Student Companion, a schedule book for students. Lorraine Chan, Flora Yeung and Abby Chan highlighted a few features of this year’s design. Perseverance governs the theme of the schedule book. With that theme, the team members compiled aspirations from six eminent role models of Sacred Heart Canossian College: Mrs Mei Ng, Prof. Dora Choi, Ms Rose Lee, Mrs Anson Chan, Prof Rosie Young and Miss Ophelia Chan. Their messages essentially unearthed values and visions shared by Sacred Heartists: Perseverance with passion, with commitment, with wisdom, with open-mindedness, with integrity, with flexibility. It is hoped that schoolmates will find source of inspiration from the brief introductory paragraphs about each of them and take after their aspirations to equip themselves and contribute to betterment of others’ well-being. The borders of the schedule book and cover design features a range of school activities: playing the piano, crossing the hurdles, passion in service, participation in international events and competitions and the like. The schedule book has been bound in two in response to a survey finding on the schoolmates’ concern for a thinner schedule book.