Swimming Gala

It is our pleasure to have Miss Mok Uen Ying, Juanita, a Wushu elite to be our guest of honour. Miss Mok rose to the challenge of international Wushu competition and became medalist of two major world-class Wushu events in August this year: one gold and one silver in FISU World University Wushu Championship, and then in few weeks’ time, another silver medal in 18th Asian Games. When the fledging elite addressed the school at the swimming gala, she made it clear that perseverance is the rule of thumb. In the face of challenges ahead, Juanita simply stood tall, knowing that she had to do her best. Neither did she let herself slack in the tough training routine immediately following FISU Wushu Championship, nor did she come up with an excuse not to learn new steps for Asian Games, as required by her coach. The petite Wushu master never compromises because she has an iron will. Apart from Miss Juanita Mok, we were glad to have Ms Olivia Chan, our Alumnae Association ex-co member and Mr Kelvin Lee, Chairman of Parent-Teacher Association as well as Sr Veronica to present the prizes to distinguished swimmers. The individual champions of B and C Grades both came from House of Curie while Cheung Hoi Ching from House of Teresa was A Grade individual champion. House of Curie seized the championship of B Grade. House of Teresa, as house champion of both A and C Grades, naturally, became the house overall champion. House of Keller was the best cheering team of the day. The swimming pools at Victoria Park were filled with old hands of breast stroke, freestyle, back stroke and butterfly, showing their fortitude and prowess. At the spectator stand, members of six houses roared their cheers all the way the athletes cut through the water as shafts. It was a remarkable occasion celebrating everyone’s gift and zeal for sports.