Christmas Celebration 2019

Father Franco Mella gave our students plenty of food for thought on 21 December, the day we celebrated the birth of Christ Jesus in college hall. When asked by Ms Priscilla Kwok, our Assistant Principal, how we could prepare for the birth of Christ, Father Mella suggested giving specific support for classmates with learning difficulties by forming small teaching groups in our own classes. Christmas is a time of family union and paying visits to the grandparents and those who live alone.


Unlike other celebrities of the town, local media captured a different public figure who roamed the street for the interests of the deprived in China and Kong Kong. According to a feature article dated on September, 2015 in SCMP, ‘Father Franco Mella on 40 years helping downtrodden in Hong Kong and China’, we were informed of how active he had been involved in campaigning for boat brides to be given right of abode. Such was but a sketch of his fighting for human rights. The presence of Father Mella has given our Christmas hall programme an entirely different meaning and depth.


The organising committee of this programme integrated thought-provoking questions to evoke in us a sense of wonder about what Christ’s birth was meant to be and its relevance to us. It was achieved through film clips, video clips, Bible readings and interview with Father Mella.


After the programme, it was Sr Veronica’s time with us. Our Principal involved us in quizzes and class-based competition, heightening the atmosphere.


We had a wonderful time of class party, board decoration presentations and the annual teacher-student basketball competition. The campus was furnished with Christmas décor and faces of past students and teachers’ family members and children. It reminded us of the true meaning of giving-and-taking as a family in Jesus.