Internal Talent Quest 2018-19

The Internal Talent Quest was successfully held on 3 May in the Charity Fung Auditorium. S1 to S5 students had the opportunity to showcase their dancing skills, singing skills and class spirit.


All classes in Secondary 5 participated in the class entry. They heated up the atmosphere with pop songs and choreography. The second runner-up was 5E. 5A and 5C were both first runner-ups. 5F took the championship with their comic performance.


For the solo entry, all contestants demonstrated their singing skills. Nicole Cheung from 5B was the second runner-up, who performed Fly Me To The Moon. The first runner-up was Nicole Tsang from 2C, who sang Don’t Know What To Do in Korean. Tiffany Yam from 5C was the champion with her acoustic interpretation of Someone You Loved.


Contestants in the group entry showcased their dancing and singing skills. The second runner-up, The Range, held our breath with their pop dance. The duo, 檸茶走冰, was the first runner- up, who sang 紙短情長. The dance group, Swiiizy, took the championship with Kpop dance.


We are grateful to have Miss Jaime Cheung as our honorable adjudicator this year. The YouTuber posts videos of her cover songs. She was especially delighted to see passion, enthusiasm and team spirit in students’ performances. Her performance of Shape Of You and 怎麼了 on guitar captivated the audience.