Careers Expo 2021

The Careers and Further Studies Team scheduled the first live-streamed Careers Expo on 6 March for all S5 students of our college. The online programme aimed to offer S5 students an opportunity to meet established professionals for consultation about preparations for the future. Sr Veronica, Miss Florence Kwok and Ms Lusan Hung, our keynote speaker inaugurated the opening ceremony. Our Principal made a point about equipping oneself with informed choices and cultivating qualities to respond to challenges.


This year, we were delighted to have thirteen esteemed alumni, who volunteered to share their workplace experiences after the keynote speech. They are Ms Susanna Chiu, Ms Lusan Hung, Ms Joanne Lau, Ms Michelle Wan, Ms Rita Ho, Ms Louisa Lee, Ms Judy Chung, Ms Josephine Tjia, Ms Betty Lau, Ms Angela Fung, Ms Mary Lau, Ms Sophie Lee and Ms Amy Siu. Each of them offered insights into their own specialised fields: from accounting, banking, corporate communications, dentistry, human resources, legal consultation, marketing, media, NGO management, speech therapy to university administration.


Among them, the keynote speaker, Ms Lusan Hung, Chairman, SHCCAA, was one of the few representatives of accomplished leaders in her own field. The director leads a financial and management consulting firm. In her keynote speech, Ms Hung expounded on the value of self-understanding, choices of employment and factors affecting where we should work. She underlined the importance of being reflective of our limitations in personality, being prepared for all kinds of restrictions when considering an overseas offer, being aware of the risks of different types of employment, and being realistic about our expectations. Above all, Ms Hung suggested that graduates need to nurture a sense of commitment to one’s obligation, be it a laborious undertaking in a school service project, a humble role in an eatery or a factory, or a humdrum assignment in an office.