Sports Fun Day


The Physical Education Department organised Sports Fun Day on 23 November in a bid to foster physical development of the students, promote sportsmanship and nurture students’ curiosity. Moreover, it allowed students to enhance their sense of teamwork, problem-solving as well as leadership skills.


On the Sports Fun Day, students were offered a variety of exciting sports-related activities. S1-2 students were introduced to indoor rowing and provided with several water sports game booths on the school campus, including Boat Sprinter, Paddle on Land, VR Row, Kung Fu Soccer, Think Fast, Move Fast and Innovative Rowing. These games were organised by the Hong Kong China Rowing Association and Hong Kong Playground Association.


Other forms experienced adventure-based training. S3 and S6 students visited EpicLand in Discovery Bay, the largest indoor playground in Hong Kong. S4 students went to the Jockey Club Cheung Chau Don Bosco Youth Centre, where they participated in a thrilling high structure adventure, including High Level Event and High Beam. S5 students visited Po Leung Kuk Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp in Yuen Long, participating in adventurous activities such as rock-climbing and catapult building.


The Sports Fun Day would not have been such a success without the tremendous support from the Principal and our colleagues.