Foundress Day Celebration 2021-2022


The Foundress Day Celebration, held on 6 May, commenced with a Bible reading of the Gospel of Mark to remind us of the importance of serving God by helping others. Following the path of Jesus, St Magdalene of Canossa dedicated her whole life to serving the Lord through sacrifice and poverty.


Sister Catherine Fung shared her message on humility and charity. Her sharing reminded us that being is more important than doing. She highlighted the significance of presence and companionship, reminding us to spend more time with our loved ones as well as listen to them.


Miss Renie Sinn and Ms Wendy Lee, both of whom graduated from Canossian colleges, recalled their life experience with humility and charity. Miss Sinn shared her journey of becoming a conductor and learning more about humility through winning and losing at contests. Ms Lee supported charity work through her outreach to Northern China, raising funds for victims of natural disasters in Nepal and Cambodia, and making cloth masks for cleaners working at refuse collection stations in Hong Kong.


Two S4 students, Clare Tang and Cherry Cheng, spoke about their experience of selling raffle tickets for the Girl Guides to raise funds for low-income groups to support their daily necessities. They also talked about the Caritas community service programme in which they taught children to make cupcakes.  The service project aimed to make the parents of underprivileged children happy and proud.


The celebration concluded with prayers for the Church, the world, Hong Kong, the Canossian Daughters of Charity and our school. The Official Hymn to St Magdalene of Canossa was sung before Sister Veronica Fok, our Principal continued the tradition of giving out celebration treats to all students. The event ended with joy and laughter.