Cross-generation Dialogue Workshop

The Cross-generation Dialogue workshop held on 4 December 2021 was jointly organised by the Gifted Education Team and the Character Development Team. It was a unique experience for our students as they experienced the physical challenges that the elderly face daily, namely eye, hand, and leg limitations. During the workshop, students had to wear goggles that mirrored the vision problems faced by the elderly. They experienced the physical limitations the elderly face when walking in daily life. They wore gear that prevented them from straightening their backs, which forced them to hunch their backs the entire time while walking. They even had to wear ankle weights simultaneously to make their legs feel heavy and hard to move. Finally, students wore a thumb brace which limited their mobility of thumbs, and then they were required to play the game Jenga with that. 


After these experiences, their understanding and sympathy towards the elderly significantly increased. Students finally understood just how difficult the life of the elderly is. Elderly people live with all these physical limitations every day, such as being unable to read the list of stops of an MTR line, having trouble holding and carrying heavy objects, and feeling quickly exhausted after walking for a while. The elders are a vulnerable group in society and need our help. The workshop has allowed students to see the elderly from a new perspective. They will constantly remind themselves to show more support, understanding, empathy, and love to the elderly and never hesitate to lend a helping hand.