Hearts for Fashion 2018-19

On August 7, the long-awaited inter-house fashion show, kicked off in the college hall with a splendid Korean dance and cheers. This year’s adjudicator panel, proved to be a stunning team: Mr Lau, co-founder of a local model agency and experienced adjudicator of many international model competitions, Ms Lilith Zhang, an experienced model who has been to different international shows, Ms Fiona Chan, Lecturer at the Department of Design in the Caritas Bianchi College of Careers, and Ms Priscilla So, SHCC alumna and co-founder of a local brand ‘Sketch Around’, Miss Mavis Chan, an iconic alumna who works at 100most, and Mr Alex Fong, actor and youth ambassador.


The event was essentially an art project, in which 72 designers attended workshops on basics of fashion design, turning abstract themes into visual elements. By means of drafts and negotiations with experienced designer, our student designers, ranging from S2-6, came up with their unique designs, overcoming limitations of materials, such as, paper, aluminum foil, plastic, cardboard and wire. The designer from each house was responsible for generating a collection of apparel on a theme: temptation (House of Keller), Fairy Takes (House of Nightingale), Futuropia (House of Pankhurst), Darksiders (House of Teresa) and The Circus (House of Bronte).


With the support of Ms Priscilla Kwok, her Visual Art Team, Art Club, past students and Miss So, the houses have started the project-related workshops since March. This included brainstorming of designs, tailoring, experimenting of materials, modelling, and many details about clothing that brings a message.


Apart from catwalk and dance, the event served as a place for staging team work. Each house has to undertake the production of one’s own show, from sequence of models, to mark-up and hairdo, from stage light to background music, from production of own introductory video to photo-taking of models for a programme. It was truly inter-disciplinary and collaborative.


‘We are Sacred Heartists. We are Artists’ Our Hearts for Fashion project has made a loud and clear statement.