S1 STEM Workshops


With the support of  IT Innovation Lab funding, the School organised three STEM workshops for all S1 students between late July and early August.  


S1 IoT X CAD Fun Day 2022 gave participants an opportunity to learn the basic knowledge of Internet of Things (IoT) and computer aided design (CAD) through hands-on experience. Students built a machine that can count the number of “Likes” on a webpage in the IoT workshop and designed their own 3D “Fai Chun” in the CAD workshop.


S1 Coding Competition and Fun Day 2022 was a one-day programme.   The S1 students learnt how to write computer codes and build smart models of catapults and remote-controlled cars. Apart from fun, there were six groups of students who applied what had been learnt in the workshop to solve an authentic problem in their daily life.  The ultimate winning models included a smart fan and a smart alarm.


In S1 AI Fun Day 2022, students were engaged in different physical interactive games, including Turing Test and a game on classifying aliens based on the patterns and external features. The games aimed to help them understand various types and methods of machine learning. The students learnt about face recognition and computer vision in the workshop and used micro:bit to build an A.I. machine, which can sort out different types of rubbish. The Fun Day raised their awareness of self-driving and the corresponding legal and ethical issues.