S6 Thanksgiving Mass 2018-19

On 28 June, Rev. Dominic Chan Chi-ming, V.G. and the Parish Priest of the Hong Kong Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, conducted a thanksgiving mass for our S6 graduates. On The Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, Rev Chan rekindled in us devotion to God and refreshed our mind about the care for the lost, the wounded and the sick. Through the three Bible readings in the mass, we were reminded that everyone is valued and prized. He asked us to nurture goodness and dispel depravity, as well as work for the well-being of others.


Rev Dominic blessed each of the S6 graduates while Sr Veronica presented each one with a keepsake.


This year, 2019, is a special one for Rev Dominic who celebrates his 40th anniversary as God’s servant through his ministry for the broken-hearted, especially the grief-stricken mothers who lost their fetuses. To share Rev Dominic’s joy, the chairperson of Catholic Society presented him three coasters with key qualities from the Bible, wishing his life overflown with faith, hope and love in God.


To express their gratitude, this year’s S6 graduates took turns to perform dances as they sang their hearts out through the lyrics. They produced thoughtful video clips capturing appreciative moments of school life and dedicated teachers who inspired them and walked with them.