S4-S5 Activities Days

S4-S5 Activities Days were held on 24, 25 and 26 April 2023. Various activities and workshops were organised to extend students’ learning experiences beyond the classroom and to facilitate their all-round development as lifelong learners.


Our S4 students had an enjoyable day at the Career Navigation and Equality Works workshop on 24 April. During the Career Navigation workshop, students were asked to imagine the positions and jobs needed for different fields, disciplines and industries to widen their understanding of the employment market. During the Equality Works workshop, students understood more about the challenges the visually-impaired face in Hong Kong. They had the chance to learn about the life skills developed by the disabled and reflect on how to make our city more friendly to those who are in need.


Different programmes on strengthening communication skills were provided to S4 students on 25 and 26 April. Some students participated in the workshop on how to handle confrontations where they analysed their personality and learnt various ways to use this information to communicate more effectively and resolve conflicts. Another group of students attended a two-day English debate workshop. They were given interesting topics to discuss and debate on. In a training workshop, around fifty students recorded their own radio show. Another group of students had the opportunity to visit the former Fanling magistrate from which they learnt about teamwork and problem-solving skills as they immersed themselves in various challenges.


Our S5 students were also given the chance to learn beyond the classroom. S5 History students explored the ‘Gin Drinker’s Line’ to see how the British military defended against Japanese invasion during the Battle of Hong Kong. A group of science students went to the Hoi Ha Marine Life Centre to discover different species of coral and other marine life. They also did a beach cleanup at Nim Shue Wan in Discovery Bay as they collected data on various plastic and other materials harmful to the marine environment. Some visited the Zero Carbon Park and learnt about greener and more sustainable approaches in the construction industry. There were also students experiencing the historical side of Tai O and Kowloon City, to understand more about the traditions and customs of indigenous people of Tai O and life at Kowloon Walled City.


The last day of S5 Activities Day was spent on applying the knowledge and skills needed in different fields and professions to the career simulation game ‘Career Live’. Some students assumed professional roles like nurses and occupational therapists while others became fashion buyers or flight attendants. Esports commentators and engineers appealed to students who seek excitement.