Foundress Day Celebration 2023

The Foundress Day celebration was held on 8th May 2023. It began with a mass celebrated by Fr Paul Kam Po-wai to remind us to serve God and help others as St Magdalene of Canossa dedicated her whole life to serve the needy through sacrifice and poverty.


The second part of the Foundress Day celebration began after the tradition of ice cream treats from our School Principal. In addition to the frosty treat, Sr Veronica gave each Sacred Heartist a keychain of our Foundress as a reminder to practise the spirit of charity in humility in our lives every day. For the teachers, Sister presented each one a magnet badge and a seed for planting to symbolise the mission of educating our students to follow in the footsteps of St Magdalene of Canossa when growing up with charity and humility.


Two S3 students, Cally Chan and Sophie Yung, hosted the celebration. They brought all Sacred Heartists back to the life of our Foundress with videos and urged us to be thankful to St Magdalene of Canossa for the Canossian schools in which our schoolmates are educated.


To conclude the celebration, Sr Veronica, all the teachers and students sang ‘Official Hymn to St Magdalene of Canossa’ in unison as we renewed our unity in living up to our belief in charity in humility and in continuing our service for the needy in various aspects of our lives.