Inter-House Debating Competition 2022-2023

The Chinese Debating Society collaborated with the six houses to organise an Inter-House Debating Competition. After the semi-final, three houses staged a fierce debate in the final match on whether Doraemon, Minamoto or Fat Tiger plays the key role in Nobita’s growth in the Japanese manga series Doraemon, one of the best-selling manga series in history.


The audience had a great time listening to impromptu rebuttals among speakers from the three teams: House of Brontë, House of Keller and House of Teresa. Ultimately, the adjudicators found Kellerians’ points most well-grounded. The House also seized the Best Debater Award.


The adjudicators presented the Best Speaker Award to the most articulate speakers in the semi-final round of the inter-house debate. The awardees came from the House of Brontë, Curie and Keller. House of Curie further attained the Most Enthusiastic Participation Award.


It was our pleasure to have three experienced debating coaches as our adjudicators, namely  Mr P.S. Tsang, Miss K.Y. Tang and Miss Jeridi Tam. They gave us valuable advice on how to approach a motion in an effective way.