Inter-House Drama Competition 2022-2023

The Inter-House Drama Competition was held on 10 July 2023. The theme for this year’s competition was ‘Towards Modernity’. Each house wrote their own script, designed the stage, costumes and props based on late 19th century classic novels Tom Sawyer, Little Women, Jekyll and Hyde, Count of Monte Cristo, Frankenstein, and The Moonstone.


We were graced with the presence of Miss Chan Shui Yu and Mr Lee Yiu Ki as our adjudicators. Miss Chan is the Administrative Director of the Alice Theatre Laboratory and the Best Actress at the 31st Hong Kong Drama Awards. Mr Lee is a full-time Actor-Teacher who was highly recognised with many scholarships and awards during his studies at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.


The six houses gave impressive performances on their own adaption of the six classic novels to express how the status of women rose, how people matured and how they started to study science. The beautiful costumes, together with the use of theatre props, brought the audience back to the 19th century where the characters struggled to honour honesty, family, gender equality, love and redemption, and many more. The actresses held the attention of the crowd and everyone gave thunderous applause after each performance.


After the six performances, students were shown a behind-the-scenes video of the drama production process and the adjudicators gave their comments. They stated that the school’s enthusiasm and effort was incredible and the girls’ exceeded expectations for secondary students. They gave high praises for the commitment of the six houses and hoped that their passion for drama would continue in the future.


In the end, the Best Stage Effect Award went to the House of Curie and House of Teresa, with the House of Bronte, House of Nightingale and House of Keller getting the Best Teamwork Award. The Best Actresses were Wai Chuen Yiu, Nicole Lam, Lam Hoi Ching Chloe and Chan Chi Yan, Ashley. The Best Director was in the House of Bronte, and the Best Adaptation Award went to the House of Bronte and House of Nightingale.


Sr Veronica presented the second runner-up to the House of Nightingale for their adaptation of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; the first runner-up to the House of Curie for the adaptation of The Moonstone. The champion of the Inter-House Drama Competition 2022-2023 was the House of Bronte, and their production was an adaptation of the novel Little Women.


This event would not have been possible without the guidance of the teacher advisors of the Drama Club - Miss Clara Ho, Miss Nellie Naylor and Ms Mia Hon. Credit also goes to the Stage Management Team, Campus TV, Photography Society and the Janitor Staff. Congratulations to all our winners!