Installation of Student Leaders in Office 2023-24

Following the School Re-opening Mass, our School Supervisor, Principal, Vice Principals and Assistant Principal presented badges to student leaders and endorsed their approval of the student bodies.  Sr Agnes presented the badge to the Head Girl, Chow Hang Hei, Hailey as Sr Veronica, Miss Irene Yung and Miss Renie Sinn presented badges to members of Head Girl Core Group.  Sr Veronica presented the badge to the Head Prefect, Wong Hiu Wai, Stephanie as Miss Chan Yuk Lin and Mr Anthony Mo presented badges to the two Deputy Heads, Tam Chi Yan Sylvia and Lo Hoi Tung, Reacker. Sr Veronica, Mr David Hung and Student Council Advisers presented badges to the President of the elected Student Council, Alora and other Council ex-co members.


Leaders of major student bodies also received their badges from the ceremonial party and teacher advisers. They included Captains of the six Houses; Head and Deputy Head of Career Assistants; Head Librarian and Deputy Head Librarians; Head and Deputy Head of IT Prefects’ Board, Chairlady and Vice Chairlady of Green Torch; Head and Deputy Head of Learning Ambassadors; as well as Head and Deputy Head of Community Service Ambassadors.


In Hailey Chow’s address to the school as Head Girl, she fuelled her schoolmates with our school theme, ‘Learning with Commitment, Serving with Gratitude’. The Head Girl borrowed the amiable qualities of three role models as she illustrated commitment, courage and humility in service.


The installation ceremony drew to a close with the School Song.