Winning Team at MTR STEM Competition 2018-19

In a recent MTR Corporation launched STEM competition, our school team impressed the adjudicators with their application of micro:bit knowledge in a smart parking device and was awarded the first prize. The top-notch team will set out on an excursion to London in June for exploring the city’s avant-garde smart public utilities.


In a bid to combat illegal parking and facilitate parking payment procedures, our school team came up with a micro:bit with basic information of the vehicle, such as owner’s licence number, plate number and basic personal information. With this, warnings will be sent over to the phone of those who have parked their vehicles in the wrong place. This would hopefully discourage some people from parking in a reckless manner. The information would be sent over to the Police for issuing penalty bills and settling of the payments. The device collects real-time information about road situation for all road users. It saves drivers’ time with its automatic payment setup.


Congratulations to our S4 students and ICT teacher in charge of the project!