Heartland Expedition 2023-2024

Heartland Expedition is a programme aiming at establishing a closer bonding among Sacred Heartists from Sacred Heart Canossian School Private Section, Sacred Heart Canossian School and Sacred Heart Canossian College. Students from SHCSPS and SHCS joined their S1 SHCC buddies for a taste of secondary school life on our Chi Fu campus on 28 and 29 November respectively.


After a welcoming ceremony, our young Sacred Heartists enjoyed the hospitality of their big sisters with ice breaking games and mingling. They attended normal lessons with their S1 buddies and had lunch together. Art and science workshops were organised for our P6 and S1 students to have fun in an educational way.


The Expedition ended with an increased sense of belonging of students from SHCSPS, SHCS and SHCC to the Sacred Heart family. Our young Sacred Heartists left the campus with a better understanding of school life at SHCC, closer tides with the big sisters, and some souvenir items!