Wu Kai Sha Youth Village Sustainability Program

Organised by the Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong, the competition aims to foster creativity and problem-solving skills among students, encouraging them to envision a better future through sustainable urban planning and design. Students created models for the sustainable development of the Wu Kai Sha Youth Village with the training and guidance from undergraduate peer mentors and Arup, a multinational engineering and consulting firm.


Congratulations to Lau Hing Yu Venus, Lo Hoi Tung Reacker, Man Tsoi Chi Natalie and Wong Hoi Lam Janice for their outstanding performance. They won the Best Performance Award and the Most Sustainable Development Award with a proposal to integrate nature, culture, and renewable energy solutions into the fabric of the Village, which aligned with the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals.


The impacts of their outstanding proposal extend far beyond the competition itself. Their design will serve as a blueprint for the renovation of the Village, demonstrating the practical application of their ideas and the real-world impact they can have on the sustainable development of our society.


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