Happy Moments of Sacred Heartists - Love Project

To promote positive values and the love of life, the Counselling team organised the ‘Love Project’ for all Sacred Heartists. At the same time, the Guidance Sisters took the opportunity to serve their schoolmates and cultivate a harmonious school environment.


Two activities were included in the Love Project. In ‘Tongue Twister Challenge’, several teachers were invited to read aloud tongue twisters with positive messages, five in Chinese and four in English. Students were challenged to finish the same task faster than their teachers. A film appreciation session was also held for students to enjoy a relaxing film Elemental.


Through practising, students remembered the tongue twisters and the meaning behind them. They learnt to think positive, persevere in difficult times and find happiness with gratitude. The film appreciation session made them see the message of pursuing one’s dream and the meaning of true passion.