Visual Arts Social Service Project

The Visual Arts Team gave the team members an opportunity to make use of their artistic talents for the benefit of the needy and promote ceramics courses to the community.


Under the guidance of social workers from Caritas Community Centre - Aberdeen and our teachers, the Visual Arts Team embarked on a journey to empower different target groups in the Southern District through a series of projects. Prior to the service, the team members honed their own ceramics production skills, ensuring that they were well-equipped to deliver a high-quality learning experience to the service targets.


Throughout the project, the team conducted four distinct initiatives, each tailored to meet the needs of the participants. The first three projects were specifically designed to teach children the art of creating Easter eggs. With creativity and enthusiasm, the students were able to explore their artistic abilities while embracing the spirit of the season.


The final project focused on empowering women in the community through a comprehensive ceramics course. Participants were guided through the process of making plates, allowing them to acquire valuable skills and unleash their creativity. With their knowledge and passion, the Visual Arts Team members played a crucial role in facilitating the course and empowering the participants to express themselves through art.


From sharing their knowledge and skills, the team members fostered a sense of creativity, self-confidence and social connection with the participants. Through these projects, Sacred Heart artists exemplified the values of empathy, service and the transformative power of art.