Catholic Family Day

Every year the Catholic Diocesan of Hong Kong designates the fourth Sunday of September as Education Day in order to reaffirm and enhance the importance of education, both for individuals and for society at large. On 27 September 2020, more than 120 family members and nearly 200 Catholic students attended the online reunion with Rev. Joseph Yim, Sr Veronica, Ms Jacqueline Au-yeung and Miss Martha Mok. The online programme involved participants in contemplative prayer, icebreakers, commissioning and family photo selfie. The highlight was Rev. Joseph Yim, our guest speaker’s sharing on the coming of Jesus. Unprecedented as it was, the programme refreshes our mind on the idea that a Christian family is a place where Jesus is the Head.. Rev. Yim further reiterates a major attribute of a Christian home: a place filled with charity and joy.